Control Room Installation

There are 2 methods  of installing Control Room – Custom and Express While the Express Mode automatically installs all components with the default settings, the custom mode allows you to configure and install as per the requirement.

Note: Ensure that run the setup and install Automation Anywhere Control Room in Run as Administrator Mode.

Express Installation

The Express mode of installation setup Control Room is using default values and automatically configures the required parameters for different components such as the database, services, PostgreSQL(metadata database) and Bot Insight Components. It enables Control Room admin to create  Non – Active Directory users.

Default Parameters

SQL Server


Default Value

SQL Database Instance

SQL Express

Authentication Type

Windows Authentication

Control Room Database


Bot Insight Database




Postgre SQL Server



Default Value

PostgreSQL Server Database


PostgreSQL Server username




Custom Installation

The custom mode of installation allows you to install the Control Room  using your choice of settings. The customizations you can make using this setup method are

  • Select a destination folder to install the application
  • Type the system IP address for cluster configuration
  • Option to provide a custom certificate for configure the application Transport Layer Security(TLS).
  • Option to provide CA Certificate for secure connection to SQL Server, mail servers and LDAP servers.
  • Option to configure service credentials using local system account or user account
  • Select the Database Server and method of Authentication – Windows or SQL Server Authentication
  • Option to use default database for Control Room and Bot Insight Databases.
  • Option to install a new PostgreSQL Server instance or connect to an existing PostgreSQL Server or another Control Room.