Agile Scrum Process




Customer/ client Send proposal to higher management of software company to develop new software.

CEO Receive proposal from client in project or  prepare proposal in product.

CEO conduct "kick of meeting" to select Product owner (PO) and get approval from customers and stakeholders.

Product owner can conduct the  product backlog grooming meeting with customers nd stakeholder. To gather all requirements as user stories.Corresponding user stories documents is called as PBL (Product backlog).

In sprint planning meeting PO can sit with SHS, Scrum master,Scrum team to select some user stories from all user stories.

Scrum master and scrum team can develop and test sprint .

Scrum master can organize this meeting along with  SHS, PO. SM and ST members. To know issues, not to solve

To estimate 1. what we did today?   2. what we do on tomorrow?  3. what are the issues in way?.

product owner can conduct this meeting along with SHS,SM and SCRUM TEAM. To collect feedback from customers. ST can perform instant changes in sprint if required.

After sprint review, Scrum master can conduct sprint retrospective meeting along with scrum team only. To know the team level issues. To change team if required. 

After this PO can conduct PBL Refinement meeting along with SHS,SM and ST .

This processing is going to continously in cyclic manner