Defect report format in in IEEE 829 standards

Defect means a mismatch in between test case and expected value and corresponding actual value of a sprint or software build.

Testers can use bellow format to forward defect report to developers :

1. Defect Id: Defect id is a unique number or name for defect for future referance.

2. Defect Description :  write detail detail description of the  defect .

3. software or sprint build version : The version number of sprint or software in which defect was detected.

4. feature / module :  Name of m odule or feature in which defect was detected.

5. Failed test case scenario : Name of scenario in which scenario cases execution defect was detected.

6. Test environment : The details of cabin computer, in which defect was detected.

7. Severity: The seriousness of defect with respect to  tester job 

     High: Not able to continue further testing until fix the defect.

    Medium : we able to continue furtheer testing, but mandatory to fix defect.

   Low : Able to continue further testing but may or may  not to fix.

8. Priority : The importence of customer to fix this defect .

9. Reproduceable: Yes / No 

                                   Yes ---------------> deffect appears every time

                                 No  --------------->  defect appears rarely.

                            if yes, attach test case document

                         if no attach testcases doc and screenshot.

10. Status :

                     New --------------> reporting first time.

                 Reopen --------------> Re reporting.

11. Defected by:

12. Deected on:

13. Assign to : Developer name

14. Suggested fix: Suggestion to fix defect by developers.