Manual database testing process

In a website or web service, database will be developed by developers using oracle, sql server, mysql, hadoop/ big data, db2, sybase etc.

In genral, database testing process can start with getting database details. But to practice database testing, we need to install a database technology like Mysql.

Go t Google site ----------- enter mysql download -------------  click search ----------- go to site ---------------- click on mysql community download ------------ click on mysql community server ---------- click on download for mysql installer msi ------------ paste the download in personal folder ------------- double click on the download -------------- click next until to finish and we need to observe port no, along with credentials like user id and password.

In general, mysql port no is 3306 and user id is root we need to specify password for mysql root user.

After completion of mysql installation we need to create a database as a developer, in that database we need to create tables. Every table is having rows and colums to maintain data. to do these tasks,

we need to follow bellow navigation

start -------- programs ------------ mysql ----------- command line prompt ----------- enter password  ------------- execute sql commands at that prompt to create and access database.

create database database name; // to create database

show databases;    //  to get list of databases

use database name; // to switch to specific database

creae table states (id int, state char(25), population int(9));

Insert into states value(1,'Telangana',5000000);

Update states set state='TS' WHERE  id = 1;

delete from states where id=1;

SELECT * FROM states;    //GET all rows and columns 

The above process for database testing is manual testing. In that above process we can run sql queries at prompt related to corresponding database technology.