what is exploratory testing

 Exploratory Testing is an approach of software testing where there is simultaneous exploring the application, preparing the test design and test execution

Need of  Exploratory Testing :

  • When you do not understand the software being tested.
  • when you don't trust the documentation
  • when you feel that planned tests may be too weak.

When performance this test there are no exact expected results, the tester decides what will be verified.

It is done when requirements are incomplete or there is a lack of time. Ad-hoc testing is part of  exploratory testing where the test is run once, unless a defect is discovered.

Exploratory Testing :

  1.  Place a great deal of weight on the skills, experience and intuition of the individual tester.
  2. Testers have to be good enough to know or be keen enough to ask the right questions to the right people to draw the right conclusionns
  3. Testers must have a keen sense of intuition and the ability to assimilate, analyze and make reasoned judgements.