Our Journey

Our lives are connected in many ways. The development of the IT sector created generation Z. Well, we are in the previous generation, who looks at technology, the pros, and cons, and tries to regularize its usage. Our founder Mr. Syamkrishna MS and his journey with ICT began in 2011. He was working as an Engineering Graphics teacher in Shantiniketan Indian School, Qatar. The school was revamping its structure under the new management and was trying to put the school on the map. To build a good Facebook page he started with a small digital camera and took all school events, activities, and programs photos and posted a report on the Facebook page (www.facebook.com/SISQATAR), gradually the page attracted many students, parents, and others’ attention and people started following it.

Engineer by profession, a Teacher by heart, and a Web Designer by passion ❤️

When the school needed a website, he used WordPress to build the school website (www.sisqatar.info), for a person without a coding background, this was the only option for him to build a website that the school could afford. The dynamic school website helps everyone get informed.

It was difficult for teachers to send materials through email. To overcome this issue created an LMS, based on Moodle platform, the SIS e-learning portal (www.sisdoha.com/learning), through which every student was given a login and they all could access materials without earlier issues with mails. SIS students and any students can access their course contents, assignments, notes, etc. The students can make use of this portal for learning and preparation of assessments. The SIS e-learning portal is used as an effective tool for flipping lessons and online assessments.

For teachers continued professional development another portal was created with Moodle, the SIS e-training portal (www.sisqatar.com/sislearn).
It is a complete solution for online teacher training

To make our ICT teaching more beneficial for our students, he initiated the SIS ICT curriculum (www.sisqatar.com/ict), which is designed to promote creativity, problem-solving, and introduce students to the world of information and communication technologies with the specific purpose of widening their horizons and better informing them of choices in their career pursuits. Every student is now able to learn as per their area of interest and learn other minimum essential ICT skills through the programs. The curriculum focuses on training the student to work with a variety of resources; learning to critically appraise information and resources; and making safe, productive, ethical, and legal use of these resources a habit.

He uses Mimosa Scheduling Software, it helps to create a schedule that will maximize instructional time, provide time to meet the needs of the students, provide time for teachers to meet and plan, and organize various curricular and co-curricular activities of the school.


As per the policies of the school, printing annual magazines with lots of advertisements from outside was not permitted. To overcome this, he created SIS Digital Magazine (www.magazine.sisdoha.com). It is developed for students’ creative expressions. Children now get more opportunities to express their creativity. SIS Magazine is a forum for children to innovate design and challenge each other’s creativity. A healthy competition among students and a lot of collaborative efforts can improve the quality of their creative expression. Students can easily share their works with friends and family now their creativity has a wide range of audiences.

The YouTube Channel ‘SIS Talents‘ (www.youtube.com/c/SISTalents) is a platform for students to showcase their talents. SIS Talents aims to kindle and celebrate students’ ideas, potential, and creativity.

Personalized Guidance Programme

To support students, with school counselor Ms. Nihala we introduced The Personalized Guidance Plan which follows the students’ academics, personal, and career aspects. As part of the Personalized Guidance Programme, the Counselling and Career Guidance Cell of SIS organized a career orientation webinar series for students of classes 9 – 12.

In the classroom, being an Engineering Graphics teacher, he used 3D modeling software. His students created 3D models of machine parts to understand the concepts of assembly and disassembly of machines. He prepared EG Guru, a comprehensive question bank for Engineering Graphics. This question bank became popular among other schools’ students and teachers in Qatar Indian schools. 

He started as an Engineering graphics teacher and evolved into the Head of the IT department through self-moulding. Today he is the recipient of the National ICT Award for School Teachers for effective integration of ICT in the teaching-learning process, about tomorrow and where he headed is a story for another time.

Received National ICT Award for School Teachers from Smt. Annapurna Devi – Honourable Minister of State for Education at Dr. Ambedkar International Centre, New Delhi on 28th February, 2022.

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